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Yippee An Extra Hour Of Sleep…Maybe?

Don’t forget, everyone, this Sunday, October 25 at 2am, the UK goes back to (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time. So at 2 am clocks go back one hour, to 1 am. Officially, this marks the end of British summertime.

So enjoy that extra hour of sweet, rejuvenating shut-eye.

Oh, wait? What? You have kids? Well then, never mind the extra hour of sleep. Chances are, the only thing this annual time change means to you is that you’ll be trying to adjust their sleep schedules.

An Old Practice….

Personally, I wish we could just get rid of this antiquated practice. Given the increased rate of heart attacks, workplace injuries and missed appointments it causes, I’d suggest it’s outlived its usefulness.

I don’t make the rules, so instead of grumbling about it, we might as well just focus on amending our kids’ schedules as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here Is My Advice

On that note, here’s my advice for readjusting your family’s internal clocks over the coming week.

When you wake up on Sunday, go about your day as usual. Get the kids out of bed at the same time you normally would. (That’s the “real” normal time, and not the “new” normal time. In short, once they’ve slept the same length of time they normally would have.

During the day, turn your clocks back half an hour. (You don’t have to actually set them back, just keep it in mind for bedtimes.)

Stick with this routine for about four or five days, and then follow up with the next imaginary half hour on Thursday or Friday night.

If it works immediately, great! If not, your kids will still have the weekend to adjust before heading back to school on Monday.

Some people have told me that they find this technique works best if they make 15-minute adjustments over the course of four nights. I’ve had better success with the half hour technique, but hey, whatever works for your kids is the right way to go.

Most importantly, keep the adjustment in mind when it comes to daytime naps and your bedtime routine. Bath time and stories need to start half an hour later so that your kids are physically and mentally ready for sleep by the time you put them to bed.

With a little luck and preparation, you might just find yourself savouring that extra hour of sleep after all.

Is this information useful to you and your family? I would love to hear your feedback regarding your sleep routine. 

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