Baby Feeding tipsFeeding every 2 hours

Today, I’m providing an answer for a question comes from Francine, and she writes, “

“my daughter is five months old, and wakes to eat two or three ounces every two hours. Is it OK to not feed her?””

Well, the short answer, Francine, is yes. It is OK not to feed her. When we look at this, eating two or three ounces every two hours, that is similar to what a newborn would need.

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Babywinkz Consultancy - question time with judyShould I Be Feeding Baby At Night?

Ah, night waking…every parent’s dream come true.

Young babies still need to eat during the night, so getting out of bed and feeding baby a night is a necessity. But night after night of interrupted sleep can catch up with you and make you feel like the walking dead when you make that sleepy trek to the cot.

Worse still is when your baby just won’t settle after feeding and you spend what feels like hours rocking and soothing, only to have your child wake up the second she lays her little head down. Read more