Is It Too Noisy For Your Baby To Sleep?This week’s question is from Tammy. She writes:

“My in-laws are coming to visit for a week and are under the impression that babies will sleep through anything and that they just need to “get used to” the noise. What are your thoughts on this issue? Is it possible for it to be too noisy for baby?” Read more

Moving from cot to bed is a transition for both parent and child

Your child undergoes many transitions in the first three years of their life.  These changes range from where they sleep (parent’s room to own room) to what they sleep in (Moses basket to cot). All children at some point have to make the move into a bed.  The key things to consider are when to do it, how to do it, and how to solve any issues after the move.  Read more

Going back to work?

When you have a baby, your whole world turns on its head. You’re no longer just you; you’re you-plus-baby. Babies have this uncanny way of hearing you think “ahh, finally got a routine sorted; I can relax a little” – and saying “oh no you don’t!”

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