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Get Your Newborn to Sleep Longer…

Encouraging a newborn to sleep longer Fiona has been working with me for the benefit of her one month old. She has a routine in place. She’s been putting him in the cot awake, a little bit drowsy, but mostly awake, she says. Lots of nights, he is going a four or five hour stretch, […]

Is Baby Snoring Dangerous?

Most of us consider snoring just a normal part of life. Maybe we have a partner who snores, or a Granddad who falls asleep in his easy chair and snores so loud it’s hard on carry on a conversation in the room. We think of it as a common condition, and while it might be […]

Baby Night Feeding Tips

Feeding every 2 hours Today, I’m providing an answer for a question comes from Francine, and she writes, “ “my daughter is five months old, and wakes to eat two or three ounces every two hours. Is it OK to not feed her?”” Well, the short answer, Francine, is yes. It is OK not to […]

HELP… Toddler Playing in the Cot at Nap Time?

Problem Solving Today I want to talk a little bit about playing in the cot. If you are a veteran of the BabyWinkz Sleep Sense program, this might sound like something you’ve experienced. If you’re not, this might sound like the craziest thing ever. If you’ve got a child who’s not sleeping well, the idea […]

Is Your Toddler Not Sleeping at Nursery?

Miserable Toddler I attend baby shows throughout the UK promoting the skill of sleep for young children. I am approached by parents all the time asking various questions. Recently I was approached by Catherine, she asked “My 11 month old toddler not sleeping at nursery. He is there three times a week and is really […]