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Toddler Sleep Issues – Bedtime Battles

Toddler Sleep Issues As a mother of two toddlers and from working with families, I completely understand the challenges that toddlers place on us when it comes to bedtime! The stalling tactics, tantrums, over excitement and tears! The toddler stage is a time when your child starts to understand what they can and can’t control […]

Sleep Method Experts – Cry It Out (CIO)

Cry It Out Method Although it can be heart-wrenching to listen to your baby cry, some parents find the most effective way to establish a healthy sleep pattern with their baby is to try one of the Cry It Out methods. These methods work on the theory that babies need to learn how to soothe […]

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Baby Sleep Routine & Christmas Shopping – 5 Tips to Keep You Sane

We’ve all seen those mothers with children in tow, ready to pull their hair out with one more grumpy temper tantrum. Holiday shopping is stressful enough without having to bring your baby along for the ride. Whilst you can cajole and threaten toddlers and older children, your newborn or infant simply can’t understand the situation. […]